Introduction and Entries List
by Bill Hernandez
Ask for permission to reprint. ©2004

WELCOME to my Visions of Rapture pages and may you be blessed. Within are visions of trips I have taken into the 3rd heaven or open heaven. It's new to me. I hope you are encouraged.

Please do not take what I've seen as gospel. I make no claims as to whether or not these are absolutely objective. They are to the best of my knowledge not fabricated, not delusions or hallucinations. I do not elevate these above scripture - period. I see them as food for thought and further investigation. They may or may not be literal and/or figurative or actual places. Pray and ask the Lord to show you. These visions may speak to your heart for you even though they seem to be my own personal journeys. Claim any promises or blessings for yourself.

Aug 2004
Go here First for Orientation
Sept 13, 2004
Valley of Love and Praise
Sep 14-15, 2004

Intercession for a Friend

Sept 19, 2004
Sept 21, 2004
Rooms of Anointing
Sept 24, 2004
Mountain of Decisions
Sept 27, 2004
Cabin of Empowerment
Oct 1, 2004
Valley of Shadows
Oct 10, 2004
Brother Jesus
Oct 13, 2004
Worldwide Revival
Oct 14, 2004
Holy Spirit
Nov 3, 2004
Pinnacle of Hope
Nov 13, 2004
The Great Outpouring
Dec 1, 2004
Indigenous People Revival - Lucifer - Justice - The Poor - Gays - China
Jan 21, 2005
The Great Vine - Companions Forever