I've been in ministry since 1978. The journey began 1978 to 1985 as a licensed minister in Marin County. In San Francisco, from 1987 to 2004, I served in ministry eventually being ordained. This last ministry position was at Promised Land Fellowship (PLF) of San Francisco formerly known as Vineyard Christian Fellowship. Visit Promised Land Fellowship website. The timeline summary detail at the end of page will give you an overview of where I've been. My ministry career details will begin with the latest..


At Vineyard/PLF, I functioned as Executive Administrator and Healing Center Director.

HEALING CENTER DIRECTOR - Vineyard/PLF - 1987-2004

• • Director - Prophetic - Pastoral - This was my primary pastoral care role. The Healing Center was a pastoral care ministry including pastoral clinical counseling, support groups, ministry team training and prayer teams. One of my best known groups is Living Waters of Desert Streams Ministries in Anaheim. In the five fold ministry in Ephesians 4, I functioned in the Prophetic Branch and nurtured Holy Spirit led ministries including the prophetic community, intercession and power ministry equipping which included imparting gifts of the Holy Spirit and healing gifts.

I have led weekly Spirit led meetings for years which included a gathering of Spirit led people nurturing the presence of God through worship, prayer, healing and equipping. Through the Prophetic in my ministry, I also gave many prophetic words to the church and have had published on the internet several words to the body of Christ at large. The main websites where I had prophetic words published were The Elijah List and End Time Prophetic Vision by Bill Somers. A search for my name at these sites will bring up the published words. I function as it were a seer within the body.

Included also in my general duties was occasionally presenting Sunday sermons, doing weddings and working with the homeless.

• • Conferences - Teams - Support Groups - As Healing Center Director I recruited, trained, equipped and led over 1000 leaders and workers throughout my ministry. I oversaw ~15 ministries at one time. I created prayer ministry teams for alter ministry and prayer counseling ministry. I created and hosted large conferences of 400+ people, conducted numerous seminars on healing and counseling, started several support groups, Men's Sexual Addiction, Mental Illness Support, Sexual Abuse Healing. Included also was CAIR (Christian Adults in Recovery), a generic support group for anyone dealing with life arresting issues.

Pastoral Counseling - I also had pastoral counseling training through a local private Christian college. I am not a licensed family counselor, but functioned as a pastoral counselor with a high degree of training and experience in some life issues. Under the tutelege and supervision of state licensed christian psychotherapists, I offered pastoral clinical counseling for the general christian community. I supervised other pastoral, licensed or degreed, Christian counselors at Vineyard who were part of my staff. I have in excess of 3000 hours of one on one pastoral clinical counseling, mostly with men dealing with sexual issues, relational issues, identity issues, depression and various spiritual problems. The counseling mostly consisted of dealing with the problems through Biblical standards and common sense. I provided spiritual guidance and equipping for powerful, wholesome and productive Christ centered lifestyles.


As acting Executive Administrator, I was Vice President/Treasurer and CFO of the church corporate board and signatory for all business and financial documents and contracts. I functioned as Financial Controller, Budgeting Analyst, Purchasing Agent and Stock Portfolio Manager. I oversaw A/R and A/P. I inspected and approved all disbursements. I prepared financial reports and summaries for cash management. I functioned as General Operations Manager and as Facility Manager. As fiduciary I also organized and recorded corporate board agendas and assembled and helped ratify all financial documentation. I supervised Human Resources including staff hiring, staff duties, salaries and benefits. I managed computer systems for Mac and PC including LAN, internet, hardware and software installation and purchasing. I was graphic designer for advertising, brochures, letterhead and handouts. I did web design.

EARLY MINISTRY - Church of the Open Door - Love In Action - 1978-1985

I joined Open Door Church in 1978. I was formerly a licensed minister at Church of The Open Door in San Rafael, California and I was in full time ministry from 1978 to 1985. There I was Men's Counselor, Live-in Director. I was office manager. I was also a missionary to London, England. I did quarterly Sunday school classes for new members joining the church. I also did general pastoral counseling at the church with the pastors.

I have spoken on television, radio, schools and churches. I have also had my ministry newsletters published in books and various websites. Some of my articles and testimony have been published in other languages. My testimony is in two books published by Intervarsity Press. I was also co-featured in an award winning christian documentary called Family Gone Wild put out by New Liberty Productions in 1978. Also co-featured in this film among others was Mrs. Eldridge Cleaver, state senators and legislators, the late Margaret Lescher of Contra Costa and San Quentin's Chaplin Howard.

. . .


1978 to 1985 at Open Door, San Rafael as pastoral counselor, live-in program director and office manager.

1985 I joined Vineyard Christian Fellowship of San Francisco and started homegroups in Marin County which later evolved, under the care of the current pastor, into the now Marin Vineyard Church. See Association of Vineyard Churches for more information.

1987 I began part time ministry at Vineyard with Michael Brodeur where I was eventually licensed. I began serving as Healing Center Director until 2004.

1992 I came on staff full time into a staff of 12 pastors and with 800+ members in the church. I began simultaneously serving as Executive Administrator until 2004. Oversaw ~15 ministries.

1995 I was ordained.

2000 SF Vineyard seceded from Association of Vineyard Churches. It became Promised Land Fellowship where my ordination was recognized under the new fellowship corporate entity.

2004, in May, I moved on from PLF to pursue other ministry opportunities.

Present: Oversee School of Prophets at Blazing Fire Church in Contra Costa County


BA degree from UC Berkeley 1980

Pastoral Counseling 2 years Certficate - Dayspring Christian College 1990

Dream Interpretation courses - John Paul Jackson ministry - Streams Ministries - 2003 - 2005

Web Site design course at Marin College, Marin County - 2001